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Lyons Law Firm has perfected our processes and approach to collecting debt from consumers. Rather than intimidating someone who can barely pay their monthly bills, we negotiate a reasonable payment plan that everyone can agree upon. There always needs to be a mutual agreement in order to work towards a realistic goal rather than impractical results. Collecting debt on individuals requires superior personal skills, dedication and an undying work ethic. 


Consumer debt collection is substantially different from business debt collections. Although we usually collect on behalf of businesses, we’re dealing with the consumer or the end user of the service. 

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Consumer Debt Collections includes:


  • Credit Card Debt Collections

  • Medical Debt Collections

  • Personal Loan Debt Collections

  • Utility Bills Debt Collections

  • Auto Loan Debt Collections


Lyons Law Firm serves both New Hampshire and Massachusetts exclusively in the area of debt collections. We also offer business collections and other forms of debt collections. If you or your business needs urgent help in collecting debt from clients or consumers, call 603-759-3917 to get started today.

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